Norwegian Air Shuttle gets top marks for what it is doing to cut down on pollution. This is clear from the Carbon Disclosure Project's (CDP) ranking of the world's climate for this year. The ranking is an overall evaluation of the company's climate strategy in many categories. Overall, Norwegian gets a B- rating, which is a big deal because it shows that the company is taking steps to reduce emissions.

Norwegian (Norwegian Air Shuttle) moves up in CDP's global ranking of how open companies are about their climate actions. In the overall evaluation, Norwegian got a B- ("good"). CDP is a non-profit organization that works worldwide to measure and report on companies' climate strategies and emissions. The group owns the largest environmental database in the world.

The CDP report says that Norwegian is taking several steps to deal with climate problems. Norwegian got an A in the "measures to reduce emissions" category, which is the best possible score.

The company got an A in "business strategy, financial planning, and scenario analysis." The result shows a significant change since 2021, when Norwegian was added to the CDP ranking for the first time.

"The CDP ranking is significant to us, and it's great to see how much we've improved in the last year. By 2030, Norway has promised to cut its emissions by 45 percent. It is a very ambitious goal, so we are investing in targeted steps like a new fleet of planes, better fuel for the environment, and weather systems that help pilots use less fuel. But transparency and reporting are just as important if you want to be the airline that people choose when they want to fly more sustainably," says Anders Fagernaess, who is in charge of sustainability at Norwegian.

Working on transparency through the Carbon Disclosure Project is a big part of how Norwegian Air Shuttle meets the growing demand for environmental transparency from investors, financial institutions, customers, and decision-makers.

Since 2021, Norwegian has told the world through CDP what it is doing to fight climate change. In just one year, we have made a lot of progress. There is still a long way to go in the aviation industry, but this ranking shows that we are moving in the right direction, says Anders Fagernss.

CDP's global director of business and supply chains, Dexter Galvin, says:

"Extreme weather, floods, droughts, and record heat show that climate change is already a growing threat to businesses and their supply chains. Businesses are a big part of ensuring the world is sustainable and moving toward a world with no emissions. The only way to deal with the environmental effects, risks, and opportunities of business is to measure them and plan for the future. Norwegian has taken an important step by implementing its strategy through the CDP. I hope the company will remain open and take steps toward a more sustainable future."


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