There are seven days until the big event. After months of careful planning of every detail, you have reached the last hundred meters. Do not panic! We know you want everything to work out perfectly. So we come to your aid with this list of simple but necessary things you need to do.

Take a test of the whole outfit. Put on your dress, put on your shoes, and put on your jewelry. Then, go around the house, and dance! Do you feel comfortable? Awesome! 

Make friends with your shoes. Wear them as much as possible in your daily activities.

Check the guest list. Indeed, some people have not confirmed their presence. Make sure you have the exact number of people coming.

Check the seating of the guests. An update of these details is required. After verification, send the list to the person in charge.

Check the payment list. It's essential to look at the payments you need to make or ask for payment confirmations for those you've already made. Try to keep order in the small but essential things.

The bride's first aid kit. Make sure you have a kit that contains: hairspray, hairpins, hairbrush, talcum powder, cream, foundation, bandages, deodorant, wet wipes, absorbent, analgesic, or anti-inflammatory (for extreme situations). Put in that kit whatever you feel you need to have with you on the big day.

Meeting with the bridesmaids. Ensure everyone knows what to do and that they are on the wedding day logistics.

Manicure and pedicure. This is a time of pampering, of relaxation. Try to do this the day before the event. This way, you make sure that your nails will be flawless.

Hydrate yourself! Make sure you always have a bottle of water nearby. All the madness around you and the multitude of things you have to do will dehydrate you. Avoid this.

Get enough rest. Try to fall asleep a little earlier than usual. The more rest, the better.

Spend time with your future husband. Quality time. Try to relax both of you, to get a little out of everyday life. But, unfortunately, all this preparation has made you tense, more than likely.

Time just for you. Go to yoga, or just walk around the park. Relax as much as you can. Think positive. Make sure all the wedding details are well thought out, and everything will be perfect.

The big day of your wedding, that day when you will be the queen of your fairy tale, is approaching. Enjoy it. Don't worry about unnecessary details. Instead, pay attention to yourself and your partner. Live that day to the fullest because it is a unique moment in your life. 


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