Lufthansa Cargo is restructuring its sales areas and expanding its digital sales division to serve its customers better. Beginning on November 1, 2022, Lufthansa Cargo will implement management and staff changes in the product and sales area. These modifications are strategic, as they reduce the number of sales areas from seven to five. As a result of these organizational reforms, we are better equipped to focus on our customers' needs and respond quickly to market opportunities as we continue to back Lufthansa Cargo's expansion. With the alterations come new positions and reorganized duties:

North America and South America will now be managed as a single American sales area. Former Head of "Sales & Handling Midwest USA" Stephanie Abeler is now in charge of the expanded territory. Former holders Bernhard Kindelbacher and Carsten Hernig are shifting their focus to other projects. Abeler's Chicago home is still her primary location.

Eastern and Northern Europe, as well as Western Europe, will now be administered under the umbrella term "Europe." In Frankfurt, Oliver von Götz, a new hire at Lufthansa Cargo, has taken over responsibility for this sales area from Annette Kreuziger and Thomas Egnolf. Before his current role, Oliver von Götz oversaw "Corporate Airline Strategy and Business Development Lufthansa Airlines" for the Lufthansa Group.

South Asian and CIS markets will be added to the existing Middle East and Africa sales region. Dr. André Schulz has taken over leadership of the "Region Middle East, Africa, South Asia, and CIS." Currently, he resides in Frankfurt. The position of General Manager, Southern, and East Africa, of Deutsche Lufthansa AG in Johannesburg has been transferred from Dr. Schulz to Frank Beilner.

Since the summer of 2019, Achim Martinka has been overseeing the DACH sales region as Vice President for Lufthansa Cargo. His responsibilities have expanded to cover the Austrian and Swiss markets.

Until Dr. André Schulz steps in, the Asia-Pacific area will keep its current form, which J. Florian Pfaff of Singapore has established.

The previously decentralized Digital Sales department is formalized into a clear client focus. Marcel Kling is now the head of Digital Sales.

Ashwin Bhat, Lufthansa Cargo's Chief Commercial Officer, is responsible for all sales region and digital sales managers.

"We've combined regions and made new appointments to better respond to market changes by pooling resources and capitalizing on synergies. We are still a reliable partner for our clients in the marketplaces while streamlining internal processes for efficiency. We've been successful in recruiting and hiring new Lufthansa Group leaders. For this reason, I am confident that we will be able to build upon Lufthansa Cargo's already formidable expertise in the air freight sector in the years to come. In addition, I'd like to extend greetings to Anette Kreuziger, Bernhard Kindelbacher, and Frank Beilner."


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