The KIRI project, which gives new Fiat 500 electric car owners incentives for eco-friendly driving, has been hugely successful in its first year. Nearly 7,300 people have signed up, which rises steadily every day. By conservative estimates, the group has already prevented releasing over a thousand tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Approximately 30.5 million coins have been created, with a value of over 750,000 euros on the KIRI online marketplace. The collaboration between Fiat and KIRI is growing. The Fiat e-Coins are the new name and logo for the digital currency produced by the new Fiat 500.

CEO FIAT and Global CMO Stellantis Olivier François say, "The new Fiat 500 is the best-selling electric car overall in Italy and France, second in Germany and Europe, and the best-selling electric city car in eleven countries. This accomplishment has unquestionably helped the KIRI project reach its highest numbers ever. Furthermore, a Stellantis Group company, FIAT, was the first to sign on with the KIRI program. Once again, FIAT has proven its pioneering spirit, which has resulted in countless practical innovations and user-friendly designs throughout the company more than 120-year existence. Therefore, it was only natural to link the new Fiat 500, an icon of Italy's electric mobility revolution, with a straightforward concept: rewarding those who practice eco-friendliness.

Launched in tandem with KIRI Technologies, a startup, and the Stellantis e-Mobility Business Unit, this project was spearheaded by FIAT. The program provides new Fiat 500 owners with rewards for eco-friendly driving, including coins that can be spent on KIRI's online marketplace. The fashion, accessory, and design industries have more than 350 members on this platform.

To encourage people to drive the all-electric new Fiat 500 electric car, the Fiat company is offering a reward called FIAT e-Coins. As a result, over a thousand tons of carbon dioxide have been avoided by the KIRI participants, according to the calculations.

Stellantis's e-Mobility team is always looking for ways to make driving an electric vehicle more convenient. Anne-Lise Richard, Global Head of Stellantis e-Mobility business units, says, "The partnership with KIRI supports the 'CARE' aspect of the 'Dare Forward 2030' strategy, with which Stellantis wants to put the interests of customers and the environment at the heart of its decisions." As of now, a full year after the project's inception, the number of customers who have activated the service continues to rise. According to KIRI's survey, "the accumulation logic of the KIRI Coins particularly motivates customers to drive in an energy-saving manner and, by extension, maximize the new Fiat 500's range."

A new Fiat app registration is required to join the program. After that, more Fiat e-Coins will be awarded for more eco-friendly and cautious driving. A driver's eco-Score determines how many Fiat e-Coins they will receive for their efforts behind the wheel of a new Fiat 500; a higher score indicates a more eco-friendly driving style.

The eco-Score feature, built right into the Uconnect system, provides a comprehensive evaluation of the user's driving habits on a scale from 0 to 100. The new Fiat 500's improved energy efficiency, thanks to this score, means it can travel farther between fill-ups. More Fiat e-Coins are produced in proportion to the eco-Score. An average eco-Score and annual mileage of around 10,000 kilometers, for instance, a driver in heavy city traffic could earn up to 150 Euros in FIAT e-Coins. The total number of digital coins issued has increased by a factor of five. This adds a new layer of excitement to an already exciting project.

The all-new Fiat 500 is, once again, a symbol of Italy's "dolce vita." The FIAT electric vehicle not only revolutionizes the category of electric cars. Moreover, it educates the general public on the significance of environmentally friendly and responsible driving for future generations.


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