There are almost five million motorcycles in Germany. Many owners use a seasonal license plate and winterize their two-wheeler. During this time, so-called stand damage can occur. For example, brake discs may rust, tires may flatten or become porous, or the motorcycle's batteries may be discharged. Many signs of wear are also relevant to safety. Therefore, you should check the bike before the start of the season.

Some signs of wear can be repaired by yourself, and the workshop should do others. First, you should clean the machine thoroughly, check the helmet and protective clothing for defects and also clean them, test the battery and charge it if necessary. The motorcycle should be inspected once a year. There are two types of inspection: during the short review, the air filter is checked, the workshop carries out an oil change, checks the brakes and other safety-related components, and checks screws and other connecting elements.

Depending on the machine and workshop, the costs for this motorcycle inspection are between around 70 and 200 euros. Furthermore, additional services are added during the substantial examination, such as greasing and tensioning the chain, checking the spark plugs, or adjusting the carburetor and the light. Here, motorcycle owners have to reckon with 200 and 550 euros costs. In addition, additional fees may arise due to necessary repairs.

The seasonal license plate is valid every year for the contractually agreed period – at least two and eleven months. Outside this period, the motorcycle may not be used on public transport and may only be parked on private property - otherwise, there is an acceptable risk. However, the seasonal license plate has the advantage, for example, that the insurance is cheaper because it is valid for a shorter period. In addition, it only has to be applied once and is then automatically valid every year in the selected period. Furthermore, outside of this period, the motorcycle is insured free of charge in the standard liability or comprehensive insurance, as if it were temporarily shut down. And there are even more advantages: With partial casco insurance from DA Direkt, in the event of damage during the shutdown period.

According to studies by FOCUS-MONEY, the motorcycle insurance of the DA Direkt direct insurer was rated "highest customer satisfaction." FOCUS-MONEY examined more than 1,343 companies concerning customer satisfaction with various products and services. Almost 270,000 customer votes were included. DA Direkt can thus build on the award of the study from last year. @via DA Direkt.


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